Instant Oatmeal Cheesecake

Instant Oatmeal Cheesecake

Instant Oat Meal is a super source of low glycaemic carbohydrates, perfect as fuel for your sports routine.

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INSTANT OATMEAL is a superb source of low glycaemic carbohydrate, perfect as fuel for your sports routine. We have sourced the finest oatcakes and pressed them into a very fine powder for a low glycemic, slow release carbohydrate that can be easily consumed as a drink when mixed with your favourite liquid.

BENEFITS: Instant Oatmeal is an extremely healthy carbohydrate source that provides a steady stream of energy for the body. This makes this product the perfect choice for anyone looking to boost their workout or simply increase their carbohydrate intake throughout the day. The ultra-fine form makes it especially convenient while maintaining all the nutrients and benefits of regular oatmeal and tasting great.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Ground Oats are ideal for anyone looking to increase their carbohydrate intake throughout the day. This product is very versatile and allows you to mix it with many other supplements. You can even mix it with Yogurts or Smoothies.

The versatility of Instant Oatmeal allows it to be added to any existing supplement shake, consumed on its own or added to certain meals. 1 plastic scoop (large) weighs 42g (not included).

FLAVOUR: Strawberry cheesecake 


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