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Delicatesse Zero Professional
Delicatesse Zero Professional
Delicatesse Zero Professional
Delicatesse Zero Professional

Delicatesse Zero Professional

100% Hydrolyzed Zero Delicatesse from Beverly Nutrition is a hydrolyzed whey protein enriched with DigeZyme.

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100% Hydrolyzed Zero Delicatesse is a nutritional supplement based on hydrolyzed whey protein isolate enriched with Digezyme®, a patented complex of digestive enzymes that is responsible for breaking down nutrients into smaller molecules so that they can be absorbed more easily by our body.

100% Hydrolyzed Zero Delicatesse only uses hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, a state-of-the-art protein that has been exposed to a hydrolysis process. In this process, long chains of amino acids are broken down into smaller peptides. This means that the protein is predigested and assimilation and absorption are faster than other whey proteins.

To guarantee the maximum purity and quality of the raw material, 100% Hydrolyzed Zero Delicatesse is made with Native protein (Grass feed whey protein), a protein obtained from milk produced by cows that are fed on free range pastures. It is produced directly from fresh milk after its pasteurization and with a low temperature filtration treatment to avoid burning some amino acids in the process.

100% Hydrolyzed Zero Delicatesse is also characterized by its high content of branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and L-glutamine, essential amino acids for the recovery, regeneration of muscle fibers and the increase of muscle mass.

100% Hydrolyzed Zero Delicatesse contains only 2.3g of carbohydrates per serving from Eliane ™, a fast-absorbing, sugar-free 99% amylopectin potato starch.

100% Hydrolyzed Zero Delicatesse has 11 delicious flavors that, in combination with all of the above, make it a unique protein and a reference in the market.             


Zero sugar.

Zero cholesterol.

Zero aspartame.

Zero gluten. 


- It increases muscle mass.

- It improves recovery.

- It promotes the regeneration of muscle fibers.

- 100% hydrolyzed whey isolate.

- 80% protein.

- Native Protein (Grass feed whey protein).

- High content in BCAA's and L-glutamine.

- Low content in carbohydrates and fats.

- With Digezyme®.

- Without sugars.

- Without gluten.

- Aspartame free.

- 11 delicious flavors.


- Muscle repair and recovery: Proteins are essential for the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue after intense exercise. They help speed recovery and reduce downtime.

- Muscle development: Protein is the building block for building and developing lean muscle mass. They are essential for muscle growth and strengthening, resulting in increased athletic performance.

- Protein synthesis: Protein facilitates protein synthesis in the body, which drives the muscle building and repair process. This is essential for achieving a positive nitrogen balance in the body.

- Satiety and appetite control: Protein is more satiating than carbohydrates or fats, which helps control appetite and maintain stable energy levels. This can be beneficial for weight management and body composition.

- Improved performance: Protein plays a key role in energy production during exercise. They also contribute to proper immune system function and oxygen transport, which can improve athletic performance.

- Injury recovery: Proteins are essential for the repair and recovery of injured tissues. They help accelerate wound healing and promote the regeneration of damaged tissues. 


Mix 1 scoop (50g) in 200-250ml of water, vegetable milk or skimmed milk.

Recommended dose: Take 1 shake after training and optionally another shake between meals. 


1kg zip-lock bag

Flavors: Choco Cookie, Petit Beurre, Strawberry Cheesecake, Choco Orange, Yogurt Peach, White Choco Strawberry, Lemon Cheesecake, Custard Ice cream, Choco-Hazelnut, Pineapple, Choco-Raspberry

Ingredients: Hydrolysed whey protein isolate (emulsifier: soya lecithin), Amylopectin, defatted cocoa powder (in chocolate flavours), flavourings, colouring (beta-carotene), Digezyme enzyme complex (maltodextrin, amylase, cellulase, lactase, lipase and protease), sweetener (Sucralose), Tolerase L (lactase enzyme 100.000 ALU/g).

Halal product.

We work with the best raw materials in the world: Arla, Carbery, Volac, Optipep, Lacprodan, Isolac, Wheyco, Serum Van Drie Group, Digezyme, Kiowa, Tolerase, Astragin.

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